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Container Gardens (please click on the image for a larger view and more information):
This pot was designed for a shady spot on the deck using foliage for color and texture.Fall color combo. This is one of our favorite color combinations: dark purple, magenta, lavender, and chartreuse.   This is our entry into the 2005 Point Defiance Flower and Garden Show.  Our entry (as Serenity Garden Design) was called: Kalahari Rhythm and it won silver. Another view of one of the “Kalahari Rhythm” pots.  The theme was dessert oasis so we used plants native to the Kalahari and for pots we used African tribal drums. A simple planting of red geraniums to compliment a modern garden.  With this installation we were introduced to the container garden miracle: drip irrigation. Deckscaping with bright color.  This combination was used in the hot west facing sun.  Cottage perfection.  A yellow tree rose skirted with lavender and pink.   The 2006 Point Defiance Flower and Garden Show.  Our entry was a twist in the “treasure island” theme.  We chose to create a container garden called D.B. Cooper… Case Closed. That’s “D.B.’s” bones, briefcase, and moneybag satchel all planted in shades of orange, yellow, and pink.   We won Gold! A close-up of the planted briefcase.  A fall container combo to brighten up this corner of the deck.   This container combo uses colorful foliage and complimenting flowers.  A vivid color combination planted in-front of a local hair salon. Successful strawberry pots grow drought-tolerant sedums and grasses better than they grow strawberries.  This combo looks good all year. Fall color that will last until early spring.
Landscape Design Before and After Photos (please click on the image for a larger view and more information):
#1. A Lakewood Estate: (before) The owner had been away for a few years while the property suffered from neglect. 

#1. A Lakewood Estate:  After the cleanup and the summer annuals fill in. #1. A Lakewood Estate:  Another view over the patio. #1. A Lakewood Estate:  (1-year later) Fall and early spring color using cool loving pansies. #2. Purdy Native: (before) The shade from the nearby tree canopy made this lawn fail to please.  #2. Purdy Native: The lawn and failing shrubs are removed, pathways are marked out, and the soil is amended with locally made compost.   

#2. Purdy Native: Low-maintenance and Northwest native plants are chosen to attract wildlife. #2. Purdy Native: Plants and walkways are installed. #2. Purdy Native: Finished with compost mulch. #2. Purdy Native: Three years later the landscape has filled in and the owners have added their own touches.  #3.  Lakewood Eco-Lovely:  (before) This homeowner was looking for a garden she could leave for long periods of time.  The lawn was also getting damaged from delivery vehicles and visitors that needed parking on the very narrow road leading to the house. #3.  Lakewood Eco-Lovely:  We removed the entire lawn and replaced it with pervious concrete driveway pavers that we planted with 3-varieties of thyme. This low-maintenance option to a lawn looks great all year and compliments the sustainable landscape we installed, with plenty of visitor parking. #3.  Three years later, the thyme has all filled in and stands up well for visitor car parking. #4. West Slope Hill:  (before) The Hillside of horror.  This landscape was very difficult to maintain or even access.  The outdated plantings quickly became over grown and ugly.  #4. West Slope Hill:  Building in retaining walls gave the homeowners a large usable garden perfect for entertaining and showing off his Dahlia collection.  We chose this layout and the stone to mimic a garden you might find in Tuscany.    #4. West Slope Hill:  (before) from overgrown and unusable.     #4. West Slope Hill:  (after) to a beautiful usable space.  #4. West Slope Hill:  (after) with great space for entertaining. #5. Lakewood Forest:  (before) When we met this family, they had been a victim of a shady landscaper.  The bare and boring garden was the finished product.  #5. Lakewood Forest:  (after) We wanted to bring in a lush garden full of charm and texture.   #5. Lakewood Forest:  (after) A garden full of all-season interest.
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